our mission is clear: to champion women artists, challenge biased booking practices, and cultivate a more inclusive and equitable entertainment landscape. We are dedicated to amplifying voices, providing platforms for marginalized artists, and fostering a vibrant community that celebrates talent across all spectrums. Through our commitment to breaking down barriers and ensuring recognition for female artists, we aim to reshape the industry narrative and promote a richer, more diverse environment where every artist can thrive.


Indelible Enterprises envisions a future where women artists are celebrated, where biased booking practices are a thing of the past, and where diversity and inclusivity thrive in the entertainment industry. We aspire to be a driving force behind a cultural shift that empowers and elevates female artists, creating a space where every voice is heard and every talent is appreciated. Our vision is to set new standards of equality and opportunity, reshaping the entertainment landscape into a vibrant and truly inclusive environment where creativity knows no bounds. Join us as we work towards a future where artistry is celebrated without boundaries or biases, and where every artist has the chance to leave an indelible mark on the world.





Indelible Enterprises, founded by R&B singer Adina Howard, has been a driving force for empowerment and diversity in the entertainment world since June 2011. Our mission is simple: support women artists, challenge biased booking practices, and make the entertainment industry a more inclusive place for everyone.

We’re all about giving a voice to those who’ve been ignored, offering platforms to showcase their talents, and building a community that celebrates all forms of creativity. We believe in breaking down barriers and making sure female artists get the recognition they deserve.

Indelible Enterprises started out of a deep need to tackle the issues that female artists face. As a female artist myself, I saw firsthand the biases and lack of opportunities, and I wanted to create something that could change that. We’re not just evening the odds; we’re changing the game.

We provide a range of services including music production, artist management, event planning, and entertainment consulting, all aimed at boosting artists’ visibility and creating amazing experiences. Our goal is to make a positive impact both in the industry and in the communities we touch.

At our core, we’re committed to empowering women artists. We fight for their visibility and provide more opportunities for them to shine. By doing so, we’re working towards a more inclusive and fair entertainment landscape.

Our work has made a real difference. We’re proud to say that by empowering female artists and promoting diversity, Indelible Enterprises is helping to create a more vibrant and inclusive industry where every artist can thrive.


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